26 August 2020
Peptides for beauty, youth, and health

Protein synthesis

The cells of our body and the substances that regulate all its functions - enzymes, antibodies, hormones, etc. - are composed of proteins. The building material for them are peptides - amino acid compounds. It means that the peptides are involved in all processes that occur in the body. The body produces them itself, and each group of cells synthesizes specific peptides.

When the body produces a sufficient amount of them, defense mechanisms start on time, tissues regenerate correctly and quickly, etc.

Aging and peptides

With age, cells produce less peptides, as a result, the synthesis of proteins, including hormones, is violated. In addition to this, the sensitivity of cells that interact with hormones decreases, the functions of the aging body gradually fade away.

Peptide treatment

Swiss scientists have selected hundreds of amino acids and combined them into chains of 2, 3 or 4 components so that they would absorb in the best way and strengthen each other's actions. Based on them, they created drugs for metabolic therapy.

Amino acid sequences in the preparations are not alien to the body, therefore they are easily introduced into the cell and regenerate it from the inside. Each type of peptide activates the synthesis of proteins in cells that produce identical peptides. Cells regenerate and their ability to resist damage improves. The tissue, which consists of these cells, is restored, then the same thing happens with the organ and the whole system. The body does not look, but becomes younger.

The drugs do not cause allergic reactions, because peptides are body-related substances, and the auxiliary components in the drugs are hypoallergenic. Each drug has passed a double-blind placebo study, and the results proved its effectiveness. All preparations are quality controlled to meet the standard GMP (international quality standard) and have certificates.

What exactly does metabolic therapy do?

  • increases average life expectancy;
  • rejuvenates the tissues of individual organs and the organism as a whole;
  • physiologically inhibits aging processes;
  • improve the health and beautyp of the skin
  • protects cells from negative factors: infections, free radicals, toxins;
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • normalizes the work of internal organs;
  • contributes to the prevention of oncological processes;
  • activates the immune system;
  • stops inflammatory processes;
  • corrects the work of the endocrine system (with diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, etc.);
  • improves potency;
  • helps to reduce weight;
  • normalizes blood glucose levels and regenerates insulin sensitivity;
  • slows down the progression of cardiovascular diseases;
  • stimulates the rebuilding of nerve cells;
  • slows down shortening and regenerates the length of telomeres - end sections of DNA, that indicate biological age;
  • rejuvenates stem cells;
  • fights against inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system;
  • activates antioxidant enzymes in the body;
  • regenerates the functions of mitochondria that synthesize ATP - a source of energy for all processes in the body;
  • enhances protection against damage caused by oxidation;
  • saturates the cells of the body with biologically active components.

Metabolic therapy at the Hotel Aleksander Medical & SPA

At the hotel's own clinic, we use metabolic therapy with peptide-based preparations. They are given with intravenous injectections, or with inhalations, and also, delivered to the dermis locally with an electroporation method that does not violate the integrity of the skin.

In the clinic, we use preparations with peptides of the bronchi, brain, pancreas, heart, kidneys, thyroid gland, testicles, ovaries, cartilage, blood vessels and others.

Peptide therapy is carried out according to the special protocols that were developed in a Swiss laboratory for each disease, or in courses of 6-10 procedures.

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