The best cuisine in Slovenia

The hotel charms its visitors with incredible design and architecture as well as unforgettable culinary experiences. Here you will find the best local farmers and producers have to offer - If you are a true gourmet and want to taste real local Slovenia, the Donatela restaurant is a perfect place to be.

Masters of Local Flavours

The hotel cuisine is based on the experience, expertise and personal touch of the most distinguished masters in Slovenian cuisine. The Hotel Aleksandra and Restaurant Donatela are a true treat for the gourmet. With the seasonal freshness of local ingredients, our gastronomic masters conjure authentic Slovenian culture in every unforgettable dish. The restaurant is a source of great pride for us, not only for its culinary prowess but also for its impressive collection of fine wines.

Suitable for private parties and gatherings

With outstanding views of the surrounding landscape, you and your loved ones can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or one of the remarkable wines available at the hotel terrace. For more private gatherings, the Hotel Aleksandra offers the southern terrace, which is perfect for such occasions, offering a more secluded, intimate feel.

Bon appetit!

We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the local delicacies to try the notable creations of our chef.
Every dish, without exception, will make a deep impression on you.
We are sure you are going to love the unique flavors of Slovenian cuisine, and your meals with us will be unforgettably delicious.

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