The Spring City

Rogaška Slatina is a beautiful green town in Eastern Slovenia. It is known for its medicinal mineral water, spa resorts, and crystal glass. The name Rogaška Slatina literally means 'Rogatec springs', referring to the spring of mineral water. The Rogaška Slatina area has been inhabited since ancient times and a Roman road led to the settlement. A document from the Archbishop of Salzburg dating back to 1141 mentions a Roman stone placed next to the spring in the settlement. Rogaška Slatina is a synonym for health-resort tourism in Slovenia. For centuries, the curative mineral water rich in magnesium (branded as Donat Mg), the picturesque countryside, and other local distinguishing features have attracted visitors to the area. References to the springs have even been found in Roman writings.

Sightseeing in Rogaška Slatina

There are endless possibilities for cultural trips and discoveries in Rogaška Slatina. The Roman Catholic parish church in the town is dedicated to the Holy Cross and was built between 1864 and 1866 in a Neo-Romanesque style. Another church, next to the village of Prnek, is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and was built in the 17th century. The rest of the internal furnishing is from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Biking & Hiking

Rogaška offers numerous hiking trails and the opportunity to spend quality time in nature. You can go running and walking wherever your heart desires, or try out the trim trail featuring body fitness exercises. Local forest trails are perfect for Nordic walking and cycling. Nearby are two of the tallest of the Styrian mountains – Boč (978 m) and Donačka Gora (884 m).
There is also a hiking trail that will take you to the Sotla river spring on the South end of Macelj. You can discover the center of Rogaška and its surroundings using 9 marked walking trails of various difficulty levels. On the way, you can admire numerous natural and cultural sights. Rogaska's surrounding is also a perfect choice for bike lovers. Biking trails and routes will inspire each and every cyclist.

World Famous Crystal

The town is world known for its priceless crystal. Steklarna Rogaška Glassworks' rich experience of production and design of crystal products is supported by almost 350 years of tradition of Trebuše, Pohorje and Kozjansko regions, which used to take place in the so called “glažuta” or forest glassworks. In the 18th and 19th centuries there were around 14 to 17 glass smelteries in the region of Styria and the glass industry was blooming. Consequently, in the beginning of the 20th century it came to the merging of the remaining glass industry units and therefore Viljem Abel, the owner of “Združene tvornice stakla” (“United glass factories”) established the glassworks, today known as Steklarna Rogaška Glassworks, by Sveti križ in 1926. The manufacture started off with extraordinary success in 1927. In the last three decades of the previous century it attained outstanding progress and prosperity all over the world.

Magical Trips

Rogaška Slatina is located in the region of Styria, famous for virginal forests, green scenery, friendly people, a relaxing ambiance and magical wine paths.
What trips do we reccomend?
  • Church of Mary on Sladka Gora
  • Idyllic village of Olimje
  • Ptuj and the Gothic pearl of Ptujska Gora
  • Rogatec open-air museum
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