History of the hotel

The hotel is situated in Rogaška Slatina, a town with a centuries old tradition of hospitality and the world famous Donat Mg mineral water. The Esplanade, Excelsoir, Aleksandrov dom, Soča – these were the names under which the Aleksander Hotel has hosted aristocracy, the rich and famous, artists, politicians and others for almost a century. In 2010, after three years of total renovation, the Hotel opened its doors in all of it glory under a new name – Aleksander – hoping to welcome you among its guests. 
A high standard hotel in Art Nouveau style was built in 1905 on a hill opposite the main spa building (Zdraviliški dom, today Grand Hotel Rogaška) and named after the Austrian Archduke - Hotel Erzherzog Johann. The hotel changed its name several times in the following years: first to Hotel Esplanade, followed by Hotel Excelsior after 1918, after which it was named Aleksandrov dom (after Yugoslav king Aleksander Karađorđević) and, finally, Hotel Soča.
Originally, at the time of its construction, the hotel had 48 rooms joined with adjacent loggias and balconies, featuring a comfortable and very elegant interior, as was expected of a hotel with such a name. The building was set into a lush green scenery and surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds, including a park in front of the building with flowerbeds and a fountain.
Throughout its history the hotel has welcomed aristocrats, affluent guests, artists, writers, politicians and many others (among its most notable guests were Prince Aleksander Karađorđević, heir to the Yugoslav throne, writer and Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić, the renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović, politician Dr. Ivo Šubašić…). This popular hotel, which, due to its elevated setting and landscaped grounds, fit perfectly in the elegant health and spa resort of
Rogaška Slatina, closed its doors in 1995 due of its outdated facilities. A thorough renovation was carried out between February 2008 and October 2009, including a complete renovation of the building and the addition of an underground garage and a wellness center. Its unique architecture makes this five-star hotel a cultural monument.
The unique five-star boutique Hotel Aleksander is located in the idyllic environment of Rogaška Slatina, the famous European health resort. Hotel includes 21 luxury suites and rooms, fitness centre, a modern spa centre and top restaurant Donatela. Guests may also decide for the private luxury suite at the hotel roof top. It is a perfect choice for a luxury stress less or medical-wellness getaway.
Hotel Aleksander is the only choice for a total 5* experience and relaxation in Slovenia. The only chance to experience Slovenia’s top products. Healthy water, green surrounding, top Slovenian culinary. Hotel Aleksander is the cherry top of Slovenia’s offer.
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