Wellness Center Hotel Aleksander

The new and modern Wellness Centre is located on the ground floor of the hotel and open to all hotel guests at any time. It features:

  • swimming pool
  • 4 saunas: infrared, Finnish, steam dry
  • Jacuzzi
  • wellness terrace
  • fitness studio

Furthermore, there are two massage rooms, where our guests can indulge in various types of massage:

  • therapeutic
  • luxury gold oil
  • facial and body treatments
  • other cosmetic treatments


Medical Center Rogaska

With its 400-year old tradition, the Rogaška Medical Centre is one of the leading health spas in Slovenia and a popular European health spa. Specialization for the treatment and relief of chronic gastroenterological, metabolic, managers' and other diseases is made easy with natural healing factors and the long-standing development of top professional programmes, which affect health, body and soul.

Greatest emphasis is given to comprehensive and professional health treatment and individual programmes, which are tailored to each individual’s needs. The centre unites a team of leading and renowned experts from different fields: doctors specializing in gastroenterology, cardiologists, internists, balneologists, dermatologists, urologists, orthopaedists, gynaecologists, radiologists, doctors specializing in physical and rehabilitation medicine, aesthetic plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, laboratory staff, nutritionists, physical therapists, nurses and masseurs. 


What do we recommend?

The Magnesium Renaissance - Rebirth of the body 

The programme includes different procedures which help your body to restore its magnesium reserves. The procedures follow each other in such a manner that your body receives the optimal amount of magnesium.

Donat Mg Detox programmes

Detoxify your body and flush out the toxins which accumulate in the body due to an improper and irregular diet, inappropriate environment and a stressful lifestyle.

Healthy sleep clinic
Do you have difficulty sleeping or are you suffering from insomnia? Would you like to know what is disturbing your sleep? 20–30% of adults are faced with this problem and we have helped many of them

Within the Healthy Sleep programme, the experts at Medical center Rogaška perform the diagnostics, various therapies, monitor breathing disturbances during sleep, as well as provide advice on how to eliminate sleep problems.

Basic weight loss programme

The modern integrated programme is carried out under medical supervision and with the use of effective medical procedures.

Specialized programmes for children
Are you concerned because your child often complains about stomach pain? Is he often bloated, has diarrhoea or heartburn? Do you have trouble regulating his body weight? Do you wish you could help to eliminate his health problems and make his childhood more pleasant?

Local natural factors

Local natural resources with their medicinal effects are an excellent addition to the knowledge and experience of experts and state-of-the-art medical equipment at the Rogaska Medical Centre.

Donat Mg medicinal mineral water

Donat Mg is a unique natural mineral water, the magnesium-richest water worldwide. It contains 13g of dry matter per liter, 1,040mg of which is magnesium. Donat Mg water drinking therapy in combination with other selected treatments is essential in eliminating obstipation, obesity, excessive stomach acid and heartburn. It has an excellent effect on the organism in stressful situations, during mental and physical strain, in patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and during pregnancy when the need for magnesium is increased. Almost every person who visits Rogaska Slatina decides to try out the water drinking therapy.

Medicinal herbs

The healing properties of herbs are used in procedures to maintain natural balance and improve well-being.

Thermo-mineral water

The effects of thermal and mineral baths on health: improves the blood circulation in the internal organs, muscles and skin, activates the metabolic processes, affects the temperature in the tissues, enhances the vegetative balance, stimulates the immune system, have an impact on the healing of wounds, they relax.


A wrap of natural volcanic clay (bentonite) supplies heat to the body and retains it for a long time. Beside the thermal effect which relieves pain and is indispensable in the treatment of rheumatic, degenerative and other diseases, the chemical effect is also of great importance, as the mud is rich in minerals, which influence the affected organ through the skin.


The climate at Rogaska Slatina is mild, therefore it is suitable to visit it throughout the year. Outdoor activities are unique in all seasons, and will positively impact your health and overall well-being. 

History of Health

According to the legend, the medicinal spring of Rogaška was made by order of Apollonius, the Sun God. Apollonius ordered Pegasus, the winged horse, to hit the earth between Rogatec and Sv. Križ with its hoof and open a Roitschocrene, a spring of Rogaška, which will help people to regain their health. 

The first analysis of the water of Rogaška had already been made by the renowned alchemist Leonhardt Thurneysser in 1572. He found five ingredients in the water: gold, “bergkler”, sulphur, a magnet and raging water. 

When Count Peter Zrinski was cured after drinking the water of Rogaška in the 17th century, doctors became so fascinated that they began examining the effects of the water. Soon afterwards they began bottling the water due to its therapeutic effects and the first modern medicinal institution was founded in the beginning of the 19th century. 

In 1685 the first monograph focusing on Rogaška mineral water was published. At that time, only one similar publication existed – a monograph focusing on the Belgian Spa mineral water. 

The first permanent doctor began residing in Rogaška Slatina at the initiative of Count Ferdinand Attems in 1804. He cooperated with renowned doctors and professors from Graz, Vienna and Budapest.

Rogaska Slatina is today still one of the leading health resorts in Europe, known for its medicinal quality, unique healthy water and climate. Perfect destination for a health and detox retreat.